We design lamps that allow to adapted to different styles and tastes. And with pre-designed LIGHTSWOOD colour schemes, you can create a beautiful and harmonious whole that creates the perfect ambiance. By using wood as the material for lamps, you’ll bring a touch a unique atmosphere to your everyday life – while living in harmony with nature.

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  • Individual projects
  • Own workshop
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Handcrafted Wood Lamps

Harmony is the most important thing in life. And we work at the LightsWood studio this way. For 6 years we have been developing harmoniously: from one person's work to the team, from one project to the series, from working for a private customer to wholesale. Now LightsWood is a small manufacture where relatives and friends work, and we have no doubt that we will harmoniously and deservedly grow up to an industrial scale. In our collection there are dozens of projects of lamps and decor, thousands of sold products, which found their owners all over the world. We do not limit ourselves to a single style, one material, standard solutions. And, of course, we do not limit our imagination! We make wooden, plastic, metallic, simple and complex constructions. By combining modern digital technologies with joiner's craft, moving from the idea in the head to the development of drawings and implementation, LightsWood studio will gladly offer you both the already developed product models and the realization of the idea according to your wishes. Your own ideas. The full production cycle allows us to make the product with high quality and quickly, and the proven reliable postal services - quickly and carefully deliver any volumes. Usually we ship the items in disassembled form for money saving, but you can also make an order for the assembled products. By the way, we are very glad that customers keep coming back to us. This is what harmoniously pushes us to development, and you remember that harmony is the basis of our work! We are always glad to receive any questions, wishes, suggestions and orders by e-mail or to the direct. Are you with us?

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